Mr Sword Krorykins: Lord of the Night.

The nights are getting darker and colder as Halloween draws ever closer...

The challenge, should you choose to accept it, it to create a Krory themed work of art. However, as with my previous challenge, the devil is in the details~ Bwahahahahahaha~!!!

The Rules:

1: Arystar Krory must be the main subject of your piece. However, I will allow other characters/OCs as long as they don't diminish the impact of the main subject.
2: Krorykins can either be in his normal or "vampire" form.
3: It must be colored.
4: The background must be whimsically European and rather detailed~
5: It can be either serious of comical.
6: Clothing is optional for the most part, just keep it site safe and follow the TOS.
7: Points will not be deducted if your work has a KroryXAny-other-character pairing.
8: It has to be Halloween themed~

There will only be one winner for this challenge. However, the prize isn't that grand. The winner will receive a gift of their choice along with an art request and bragging rights. I will be unable to submit the art request until next year, sadly. Computer problems...

So, to all those who choose to enter, good luck!

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