Starscream A Mother's Love...

Mothers Day is fast approching! That means gift swoering and much love will be sprinkled around like hundreds and thousands. For some of you, it may even be a sad time of year if you have lost your mother. So, lets spread some cheer with celebratory imagery!


  • This contest will run for one month EXACTLY. No late entries please.
  • All images must be your work ONLY. Please, no collabs.
  • Images must be 'Mothers Day' themed, or at least have a maternal theme to them. Tis the celebration of motherhood after all!
  • Yes, fanart IS allowed, but it'd be nice to see some original art too. Maybe even art of your own mother.
  • Effort must be put into the images, however, images do not have to have a background if the artist does not wish to add one, or if the artist is no good at backgrounds. So long as the focus is on the main characters/people, that's fine 'n' dandy.
  • One entry per person please. <3



Three winners will be chosen at the end of the contest. Each will receive a gold medal to display on their profile.

Runners up will receive silver medals. (Because, you're still awesome. <3 )

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A Mother's Love ~Epoque
Train Tracks to No-Where ~Queen of Sheba
Looks Like Me ~cookiebunbun
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