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Hello everyone,

Of all my challenges I think this one will be a bit more difficult. If you haven't guessed yet, but my challenge is going to be about American Football. Why you might ask? It's simple, football is in the air and its the time of year when you go out and cheer for your favorite teams in the fall weather.

So here is my challenge to you, you need to draw any Eyeshield 21 character(s) playing football. Its very simple yes? Not quite, actually there is more too it than that. Here are the rules to help better explain:


1. Draw a character from Eyeshield 21 playing American football, yes the key word is playing, preferably no head shots. Please add some action into it.
2. They must be representing an NFL team or your high school team (do not draw them playing for their teams in the manga).
3. Backgrounds are preferable...stadiums, fans, you name it.
4. TRADITIONAL ART PLEASE. I want to see what you can do with colored pencils and pens.
5. Must be colored!
6. Extra points if you do Eyeshield 21 characters.

However, if this does not suit your taste you can draw any anime character playing football following the same rules. Nevertheless, there needs to be a mascot included with in this portion if you choose to not draw from Eyeshield 21. This makes both options more appealing and more of a challenge.

I am willing to give you unlimited pictures as well. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Please enjoy!

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