Your OC and Friendship!

Yay! I got promoted! *Happy dances* Anyway, this is my first ever fanart challenge! So, here goes!

All you gotta do is draw at least 3 of your OCs(4 or 2)together as a group of friends! Friendship is the best thing anyone could have! So just draw them in any pose together as a group of really good friends! Whether it's them sitting together or even a group hug! Be creative!

IT HAS TO BE COLORED. It also can be any of your OCs! Any Style you wish to put in the picture! As long as it's a pic of 3, 4, or 2 of your OCs as a group of friends! The point of this challenge is for your pictures to symbolize friendship! So be creative and no stealing ideas from other challengers!

The deadline is in 2 months! Happy Challenging!


1st: 3 different pics of your OCs in my style. 3 gifts.
2nd: 2 different pics of your OCS in my style. 2 gifts.
3rd: 1 pic of your OCs in my style. 1 gift.

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amigos ~WiNtErLeAf
Skating with Friends ~kita mikichi
Best of Friends ~jerryabistado
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