wolfdemonchild9 Last Resort

First challenge. Hey people ^^ this is my first challenge so goes easy on me <<. Now the challenge is for you to draw a picture of what you would think would go with the song Last Resort by Papa Roach. Or if you want it can be any song by Papa Roach (ex. Getting Away with Murder, Scars, Forever, To Be Loved ect.)

-Must be appropriate (No Yoai/Yuri please)
-Can use OCs, real people or existing characters in the pic but if you're using a friend's OC please ask them first
-You MUST put the lyrics and song title in description
-Can be colored or have a bg (you can chose)
-No being rude to others entries you will be disqualified if I catch that
-Must be a Papa Roach song
-Just have fun!

Will be Judged on
~How well the pic goes with the song
~if you actually followed the rules
~What's going on in the pic

Okay so you have let's say three months get cracking peeps! ^^


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Papa Roach
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In deaths hand ~kattykay
Scars Entry ~
Between Angels and Insects ~
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