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Hello My O Friends,

It’s been a long time since I have done anything here in TheO, so let’s hope for the best for this challenge. However, I need at least 6 or more participants for this challenge to succeed, or I will not push forward with this. My idea for this challenge is a story writing challenge, and since stories cannot be posted on TheO any longer I have decided to host this challenge on the TheO Story site.

What I will do
Add the participants of the challenge to ‘My*RaNdOmNeSs*GoNe*MaD’ guest list, so they can post their writing there.

What you have to do
Pick a song, any song, and write a story about said song. We all know songs are just stories put to music, so your job is to take the song you picked and write a story about it. Now you can’t just write out the song, add a few extra lines, and be done with it. I want a FULL ON STORY. So at least a minimum of 3 pages, a maximum of 15. No more, no less. (I won’t freak out if it goes over slightly, but please don’t get crazy.)

For the character(s) in the story, you can use your OC(s) you have created, your favorite anime character(s), create a new character(s), or all the above. Now, you do have to use the idea/story of the song and you have to use a few lyrics from the song. Heck, you can use as much of the song as you can to make the story work, just don’t give me the song, only, and a few extra lines. I will delete it from the challenge if I see something like that.

When you post your story
Add the song title and the performer to the top left corner of the first story page. It doesn’t have to be the original performer, but at least someone I can search to find the song because I would like to hear the song you decided to use. If you want to give me a YouTube link, that will work too. This will help me judge the stories better in how closely you followed the song.

If you win
First place: $30.00
Second place: $15.00
Third place: $10.00

I had two ideas for this:
#1) I could PayPal you the money.
#2) You can pick anime merch from Amazon that equals your prize payment. I will order it and have it shipped to you.

I will let you pick the way you would like your prize.


If you would like to join this challenge, please let me know, but as I said, I have to have at least 6 participants to make this challenge worth the time and effort for all of us. Once you let me know, I will make note of your username until the challenge has at least 6 participants. Once I have the 6 participants, I will add everyone joining to the guest list of ‘My*RaNdOmNeSs*GoNe*MaD’ then PM you to let you know you have been added. Once everyone is added you have 3 months to get your story posted in TheO Story’s ‘My*RaNdOmNeSs*GoNe*MaD’ world.

If I do not have 6 participants within a week—so by midnight (US Central Time), Sunday the 25 of July—the challenge will be deleted and will not take place. I know that sounds a little unfair, but I don’t want anyone wasting their time when time is precious and we all want to enjoy our summer vacation while it last.

Proper grammar and all is nice, but I will not be judging you on that. It’s the creativity you use in writing your story.

So Good Luck and here’s to enough participants to get this off the ground…


*EDITED 09/08/21*
This challenge is a go, so if anyone would like to join please let me know via PM or comment so I can get you added to the Guest Poster list where your story will be posted.


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