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Hello everyone!

So recently I've been going back through old (and quite frightening) art of mine and picking some of the worst to redraw.
And that's what I want you to do too!
Pick some old art, whether it's an OC you drew in first grade or a portrait of your favorite anime character that you did just last year, and show us how much you've improved! I personally love doing this because I think it's a healthy boost for the art ego because you can see how far you've come in your drawing escapades!

1. Follow theO's rules, of course.
2. Please draw something new! Don't post a redraw that you did two years ago, because we won't be able to see what your skills are like now if what we have to go off of is something that's years old!
3. Make sure to show the old piece! You can put it next to the new work, link it to the old piece if it's in your theO gallery, or put it in a WORLD and leave a link in the description if you don't want to put the pieces side by side.
4. I'm more interested in how your drawing skills have improved rather than your coloring skills. You're more than welcome to color your piece, but I won't be looking for color mastery here.
5. Be neat! You have three months, so there's no rush!
6. No lined paper, please!
7. Make sure the old piece is still recognizable within the new piece! What I mean here is don't change it so much that it looks like a totally different piece (ex. drawing a completely different character). Adding aspects to the piece (ex. extra characters, a background, making a design out of the work) is just fine as long as the original piece is somehow visible within the work.
8. And of course, have fun!

If you're having trouble, I would say to try and hone in on what you think your greatest strengths are. For example, I recently did a redraw in which I tried to utilize more dynamic poses because I recognize that I'm getting stronger in that area. Of course, it doesn't have to be perfect (we all still have room to learn and improve, no matter what skill level we're at!), but it can help a lot to focus on something in particular and do your redraw based on that.
As clarification, what I meant in terms of "drawing skills" is anything like better anatomy, cleaner lines, a better handle on design/layout, etc.

Dedication to me is not necessary. For now, please only submit up to two pieces. If not many people enter, I will change that.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I feel like I'm just typing words but not forming coherent sentences...

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