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Hello everyone! Since the fan art category gets so much love, I figured I'd throw in a challenge! I wanted to make it kind of interesting. So basically the point of this challenge is:

Draw your OC with a Persona. What is a Persona?

"A Persona is a manifestation of a Persona User's personality in the Persona series, referred to as a "mask" for an individual to use to face hardship. A Persona is similar to a Shadow. Shadows are malevolent manifestations of one's inner thoughts, while a Persona is a manifestation of the same feelings but tamed and trained."

Make it more interesting? Take this quiz as your OC would. Click!

Once you have finished, keep in mind your OC's Arcana type and refer to this list click!
Ignore the right column that says "race" and click only on the Arcana side matching your OC's, pick a Persona design you like or think fits with your character and draw them with that Persona.

Note: If you take the quiz and don't agree with the Arcana your character got, feel free to choose whichever you see fit.

Examples of characters with their Persona's:


  • You have 1 month
  • You may enter up to 4 pieces of art
  • Tell us the Persona and Arcana!
  • Your imagine may feature as little as one character, or as many as 4.
  • The design of the Persona may be one from the list, or you can make up your own to better suit your character (if you make up your own, give it a name and tell us what Arcana it falls under ^^)
  • Have fun!
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