nikkeh09 A pleasant surprise!

I know we have all had that moment when we try to get into an anime or manga but you just don't see yourself liking and then what happens?!?!?! YOU GET SUCKED IN! I've had so many experiences being pleasantly surprised with an anime or manga that I just fangirl out for days over it. So for this challenge draw a picture of either a charter or a scene from an anime or manga you were pleasantly surprised with (: For example, I put off Black Butler and One Punch Man because i was convinced I would not like them and now I FREAKIN HEART THEM ha ha.

This is a perfect way to show the world you were willing to give it another shot and you were happy you did (:

You can enter as many times as you want but only one will win
does not have to be colored and no back ground necessary
Please don't used lined paper

1st prize will receive one fan art with a background and two sketches
2nd prize will receive one fan art with a background and one sketch
3rd prize will receive one fan art with a background

Runner Up Prize may be given out (I will decide then)

I look forward to seeing everyone's posts (:

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Musical Prodigy ~misachan83
Assassination Time ~Groovy Boar
Haru to Kazu ~OoAnBuOo
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