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Hey there everyone~
I hope you´re doing okay in the new year? Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck and health.

As for this little challenge I want you to draw charas from different Anime /Manga / games that have something in common like part of the name, character traits, habits, the role they play, their hairstyle etc. Anything you seem fit or you can relate. Just to be on the safe side please write down why you drew them together. Must be shown at least two charas up to as many as you can fit.
Multiple entries are allowed.
Color is no must. Bg not needed neccessarily (but if you want to add one you´re more than welcome).

As for prizes I´ll contact the winners to ask what they wish for, while first gets three, the other two get two prizes.

So now, I´d be glad if you could enter. You have three months. Go all out and have fun~

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ChosaChan AnimeGal816 Yuki guru guru EnzoHanataro XYukoucyanX wingedshadowwolf
Crossover Anime and Manga
4 entries
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Challenge completed
Greek Warriors Colored ~eMokid64
Ammy and Link at the Dog Park ~WildGirl1977
Takeshi X Kirito ~Groovy Boar
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