Shimozuku20 One Color (part two)

*First Challenge*

I remember back then (3-4 years ago) catsworld made a challenge like this..^^ and i had soooo much fun drawing for it..I wasn't the only one, many others joined aswell ..Anyways.I really like the idea.As for the challenge:

You need to draw somehting...anything (people, animals, scenery etc.) but using only one color! *no black please (it's wayyy tooo common) for example:say you want to draw someone who would usually have black hair and bright eyes, and you picked orange, you would go to the darkest shade of orange you have for the hair, and a lighter shade for the eyes. Background does not have to be colored, but it'll earn you some extra points :)


- Only one color can be used

- Keep to theO rules!

- PG13...

- can be digital or traditional

- Does not have to be dedicated to me

Have fun!


1st place: a colored fanart of any character the winner wishes and a gift

2nd place: a colored fanart of my choosing and a gift

3rd place: a sketch of my chossing and a gift

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Crimson Peak ~Reenigrl
L in red ('Cause is red) ~Groovy Boar
Greenishhhh? ~LGA775
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