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Alright, so, ever since mootouman drew their own version of my Borderlands OC, Kaia...I've wanted to see what some of the rest of you can come up with!!

In my portfolio here, I have some of my own drawings of Kaia, as well as her description and bio...and I would love to see how others would draw her in their art style.

This challenge will go on for a full month, and while the rewards are limited, I'll still give prizes to those who participate.

For first place, if you have an OC or perhaps a favorite character from something, I will do my best to draw them for you, as well as subscribe to your portfolio and send you a gift.

Second place gets a subscription and gift.

Third place will get a thank you drawing and gift.

All other participants will receive a gift on here, as a token of my appreciation for your contribution to this challenge!

Again, I would love to see Kaia in other art styles, so let's see some submissions! Tag me in the member dedications for me to see them. :)

I have only ONE rule: No nudity!! :)

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