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Hello again good people of TheO. So I’ve once again started another challenge, and as those of you reading have probably noticed, it’s not a wallpaper challenge but a fan art challenge. And it’s a challenge that I’m hoping that a lot of people will end up taking part in. As some of you probably know, it’s become fairly hard to find good scans and vectors that can be used for making wallpapers, iPhone wallpapers, e-cards, etc. One solution to this problem is for fan artists and wallpaper artists here on TheO to work together, or for fan artists to make pieces of artwork that they can make freely available to wallpaper artists to use. That’s why I’ve decided to try making a challenge that sort of does the latter. So this isn’t as much of a challenge as it is a want ad, and here are the details of what I want.

The image I want is for a Sword Art Online wallpaper. What I’m looking for is a piece of fan art that represents, or rather dramatizes the moment when Kirito rescued Asuna at the end of the Fairy Dance arc. And I’m not talking about the actual battle between Kirito and that psycho Oberon, but the moment after the battle when Kirito logs Asuna out of the game. I should also probably make a point to mention that I want the piece to focus more on Asuna than on Kirito.

  • Coloring of the piece is a must.
  • Background is optional.

That’s pretty much what I’m looking for. If anyone has any questions, please by all means ask me in a comment or PM. We all want to make sure that the piece you end up submitting is done correctly. One other point I should probably make is that even if I don’t end up using whatever you submit, other wallpaper artists may want to later on. I should also stress that this challenge is open to everyone. If you weren’t invited to participate, don’t feel bad. Anyway, here are the rules.


  • Piece must be made available to use for wallpaper artists on TheO.
  • Limit is one submission only.
  • To show me that you’ve read the rules, put the word “Application” in the tags.

Other than that, you’re limited to the standard rules of TheO and your own artistic ability. So by all means, be creative and have as much fun as possible with this. Again, if anyone has any questions at all about what’s required for this challenge, go ahead and ask me in a comment or a PM and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


  • First Place: Will receive a gift and the honor of having your piece used for a wallpaper.
  • Second Place: An iPhone wallpaper and a gift.
  • Third Place: A gift.
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