Excel in Cipherland Drawing Contest 2

It's that time of the year again!!!! When we celebrate Excel in Cipherland's anniversary through a contest!!!

It's been FOUR years since I've been publishing Excel in Cipherland and there is STILL so MUCH left to post!!!

On the bright side I finished the story last summer so all I have left to do is ink and screentone, sadly life keeps getting in the way. I wish days were 48 hrs long...

Ok, let's get to it. The contest will be exactly the same as the first one:

Draw one of the characters or a bunch of the characters you've seen through the comic, there's plenty of them.

List of some characters:

1. Veronica Hyperbola
2. Parabola
3. Asymptote
4. Cathetus A, Cathetus B, Hypotenuse
5. Ellipse
6. The nurses
7. The Doctor, (he doesn't have a face but you can make one up!)
8. The little judge
9. Acid David
10. The Excels
11. The court reporter, Agnes
12. Excel 1+2+3
13. Valerie Hyperbola
14. Victoria Hyperbola
15. Agatha

For reference flip through the comic book itself or visit my fanart portfolio were you will see a lot of colored fanart of the characters. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


1. No yuri/yaoi
2. No nudity
3. Feel free to assign the characters whatever clothes and colors you want, as for skin and hair color and eye color you should stick to the original so we can recognize them, that's if you wanna do a color version but you can do black and white as well.
4. Enter as many times as you want!!!


I sub to all who enter, unless I'm already subbed to them. To the winners I send them a gift (one of those gifts on the backroom)!!! Yay!!! Sorry if the gifts suck................. I don't want to promise to draw anything cause then I might not have the time or something...

****If you have any questions, ask away!!!****

For reference:
Excel in Cipherland vol 1

Excel in Cipherland vol 2

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