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It's simple: Draw something that portrays [IWant. What I mean is, I want the subject to be wanting something. To yearn for something. It can be material, or it can be abstract, or it can be a certain state of being/non-being that they want. Something unreachable, extremely hard to get or forbidden to the subject

Keep in mind, this is a subjective thing.

1. Can be colored or grayscale, any medium. Paints, graphite, charcoal, watercolors, conté, whatever. Even digital.
2. Must be NEAT. As in no smudges, or scratches.
3. If you have to use words, try to get the title to summarize what you want to say (In as few words as possible). Then there's always the description area.
4. At least one character. Must be your own character or even just you.
5. Remember, I'm a sucker for creativity and depth (like emotional/mental depth, but visual depth is cool too.)

The deadline is in two months, so there's no rush to come up with something. Yet.

If you have any questions, just comment. And good luck!

EDIT: When this challenge first came out, a few of you raised concerns about the time limit. I said I'd extend the deadline. Unfortunately, I didn't know that couldn't be done, it being my first challenge and all. I don't want to be a liar, so I'm thinking about re-doing the challenge once more. Those who've entered in this one are free to re-enter the same piece (or a different one) into the next. But I will not do it unless I get confirmation that the others will be done before the next deadline.

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