Sabriela Hellena ust go with it #2

Hi again.
the winners of my last challenge are as follows; First, Second, Third.

Ok so I know a people liked my last challenge and there was probably some people out there who missed the deadline or just didn't decide to enter until it ended. Or just didn't see it. so just like last time what I want is for you to draw something and not fix any of the mess-ups. This time though I want you to find a pieces that you did give up on and make it better. If you have to use pen it helps keep down the urge to fix things. you can use any medium except computer programs. take those mess-ups and make them look deliberate. point out in the description what and where your mess-up was just incase you masked it so well. you have two months so you don't feel rushed.

2. no erasing
3. stick to The O. guidelines (I trust you )
3.5. if I challenged you have to enter
4. have fun
5. you have to use a piece you gave up on before

If your one of those people who are just so good you cant mess-up then ask a friend for one of these works that they messed up on or gave up on, use that as your piece and site them or mention them in your description.

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