lileeboo Your Animal Village!

So I had a fun idea! I want you to create your self in an animal crossing world! With clothes, hair the whole bunch! Here is what I want to see!

-Your favorite villagers OR! Turn your pets into your villagers!

-Clothes from the game or your favorite outfit animal crossing style!

-The background, it is opinional but i think it give more depth, it can be inside of a house that you decorate with the furniture theme your like the most, or the outside of any of the buildings, any game style I mean from the very first AC to New Leaf. So main street, The town in city folk or just the outside of say nooks cranny.

Rules are quite simple! Can be traditional or digital. Keep it appropriate course I dunno whats inappropriate about animal crossing. and you can submit up to 2 entry's per user! And HAVE FUN!

I will pick three winners.

1st:Fan art x2!
2nd:Fan art or Wallie
3rd:Fan art or Wallie

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