Starscream Happy Birthday TheOtaku Brigade!

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Brigade being opened I felt it would be a good idea to set up this challenge!

Why? Well, not only has it been a very successful year, but we are launching a forum for the members who want to join, but don't have a Facebook account/want to keep their Facebook account private!

What is Brigade?

TheO Brigade was originally started on Facebook as a group for members of TheO to join together, share their new work and have a friendly place to commune. It also has a world here for news, updates and announcements.

Links - OUR BRAND NEW FORUMS! ^0^ - The Facebook group. - The onsite world.


The Challenge

Create a banner for our group! We want something fun, colourful and awesome to represent the community.


★All submissions must be exactly 960 pixels in width and 600 pixels in height. (To resize your image try Google search terms 'image resizer' and you can find good, free tools.)
★Images must NOT be stretched, squashed or pixelated or they won't be accepted. Be sure you art or images are the right size to use.
★No stealing! All art used must be your own. If you use screenshots, be sure they are allowed for use before you submit.
★New work only! We won't accept work you made already.
★Any colours will be fine, even black and white. Though our forum colours will be as follows: #FFFFFF, #dfdfd9, #00b5ff and #85dcff
★Keep it kid friendly. No adult content!
★Skill doesn't matter. Even if you can only draw stick figures, that's fine!


Stuck For Ideas?

You could draw people you know on here that you're friends with.
How about drawing the admins of the group? (Or how you think they look. Maybe even as creatures, or something? )
Perhaps you'd like to draw your favourite characters together, or create a community feel with them.

The options are endless!

You have 1 month! :D

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