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I haven't created a challenge in awhile so I thought I'd come up with one. I always thought it would be fun to come up with a fashion line inspired from anime so the challenge is basically to draw your OC or yourself dressed as an otaku. I feel like there was a challenge like this before but I can't remember. I'll give everyone two monnths since I'll be starting college in September. You can draw them with anime shirts on or stuff like that or in cosplay. Go wild.

Backgrounds aren't required but color is required because clothes need color. Digital or traditional is fine but if you do traditional, outline the drawing so it's easier to see.
In your description you only have to list the OC's name and anything else you want.
You can enter as many times as you want. I forgot to specify :)

I just realized I never specified prizes but since I'll be in college I wouldn't be able to do a fan art until late November so I'll say I'll give out gifts and sub the winners if I'm not subbed to you already and eventually I will get to a fan art of your choice for all three winners. But I'm better at drawing OCs than anime characters for some reason.

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