nikkeh09 O.C. Date Night!

well hello hello everyone! I have such a great time making up these challenges that I quickly thought of another! While drawing my O.C. Micah the other day I realize that I should draw him on a date and than BAM! My idea came to life

I want you guys to draw an O.C. (your's or another persons) on a date with a character of your choosing. This other character can be another O.C., an anime character, game character, real person ect. Its up to you who goes on a date!

I'll accept any type of art (digital or traditional)
Backgrounds aren't necessary so its up to you!
Keep it clean but have fun! (it can be any part of the date use your imagination!)

Prizes glorious prizes!
1st place: 2 fan arts and 1 gift
2nd place: 1 fan art and 1 gift
3rd place: 1 fan art

everyone who enters will get a card!

You have two months to do this challenge! I hope you guys enjoy it (:

**You may enter as many times as you'd like but only one work will win

(Maybe I'll see one of my O.C's on a date )

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