shadowkupkake In Honor of Hoenn!!!

*Cue Trumpets* Hello! It's me again, Shadowkupkake and I'm back again with yet another challenge!
As you no doubt have heard, it has recently been announced that Game Freak will be releasing a Hoenn remake in November of this year! It's still a little hazy on what that will en tale, like a direct remake or a new story in Hoenn, but fans, including myself, are ecstatic! So without further ado, Here's the challenge!!!

This times challenge is to create a work in one or all of the three categories.

I.)Trainer Customization/new trainer design (main character or NPC or gym leader/champion)
II.)Team Magma/Team Aqua OR a new team (New team must have name with symbol, design and at least the team leader featured or both M/F grunts)
III.)New Mega evolutions (state it as Mega-*insert Pokemon name*)and for the building lovers
IV.) New landmarks like buildings, landscapes etc.


1.)KEEP IT CLASSY!:This is Pokemon remember? Respect TheO's rules!
2.)For this challenge you can use any medium you want.
3.)You can enter as many times as you like in any category. However, you may only place ONCE. So have at it!

First Place: Medal,subscription,gift
Second Place: Sub and a gift
Third Place: Gift

Alas that is all i can offer. I hope you enjoy and as always have fun!

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