clueless101 I'm Thinking Disney~

Hey everyone!

That’s right I’m back with another challenge! Just like the title says I’m thinking Disney! I know I’m not the only one that still loves Disney am I right? So let me get straight to the point.

For this challenge it has to be a Disney character or more then one Disney character in your drawing (obviously) *shot* XD

You have two choices for this challenge you can either gender bend the Disney Character(s) you choose or your can Personify the wonderful Disney characters that are animals that we all know and love or you can do both! I’m perfectly fine with that option too!

Rules (because there are always rules)
-Follow the rules of TheO
-Keep it PG13 please and thank you!
-Traditional and Digital are completely acceptable
-Black and White, Sketch, color, monochrome whatever you want for coloring go for it!
-UNLIMITED amount of entries (just remember only one entry will win though)
-Have Fun!

I’m going to give you three months so everyone has plenty of time to make as many wonderful entries as they would like! Let’s Disneyfi theO! Have fun you guys!

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