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There are many key events and choices in life. And the choices we chose at those moments all have an effect on the path we walk, some have more of an effect than others and can change people. Things could be so much different.

What I want to see in this challenge is an OC of yours and what they would have been had they taken the other choice or if at that key event went the other way for them. For example your OC is a hero in some way because he made decision earlier in his story, where he took action and saved the day, but what if on that day he decided he didn’t want to or that something went wrong and he didn’t save the day, does he become a villain, or depressed and cynical? Or you have an oc who is a shy little kid because their parents left them, what if they didn’t leave them, they could have turned out to be confident if a little cocky.

Another example is my oc Lovell {here} He is a happy-go-lucky and a bit of a child at heart, he’s really kind and a bit naïve, he loves traveling and discovering new things and is very curious. His key event is whether or not he successfully sneaks out of the city. Success – he becomes the person he is now, unsuccessfully he becomes dark, cynical, uncaring for the most part, he still has his curiosity for things but it’s a darker more twisted sort of curiosity, and has become a bit possessive of his ‘rare things’. He overthrows his father and becomes the leader of his homeland out of pure spite.

What I want to see is what could have been had something drastically changed in their past.

1. No tracing/stealing/plagiarism and I mean it!
2. Keep it PG preferably, or upload a pg version here at least
3. Link to a picture to how they actually are now, you can draw it in the same picture if you want but not needed.
4. Write in the description they’re personality and what went different
5. Best effort please :D
6. Can be Digital or Traditional
7. Any style is welcomed
8. Oc’s only please, no existing characters.
9. You can dedicate it to me if you want but you don’t have to
10. Unlimited entries as there are many ways for things to go, just please don’t go over the top ^^;
11. Have fun

1. Full body drawing of an oc, sub (if I haven’t already) and a gift
2. Half body of an oc, sub (if I haven’t already) and a gift
3. Chibi of an oc, sub (if I haven’t already) and a gift

Ask if you guys have any questions just ask, I hope I’ve explained myself, my first challenge and I’m very nervous ^^

Thank you to all who participated in the challenge :D It was really hard choosing a winner so I have decided to give a sketch request to all those (bar 1, they broke the rules) :D Thanks again all for entering :D

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