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Okay so this is something, I personally wanna do at some point when I get the motivation to draw lol.

I want you all to pick a random color palette from Here or any place else that has this, and I want you to create something ONLY using the colors you picked.

I'll let you all draw whatever you want. A regular person, gijinka, animal, scenery, etc. It just HAS to have those colors in it.
I will also allow you to use two or more color palettes if the one you picked didnt have a lot or if you have a big idea. But you must link me the colors.

-Must pick a palette and link it
-Must MAKE something. No just random swishes of color
-Traditonal or Digital is allowed
-Clearly, must be in color. B&W will be disqualified unless I can clearly tell that your palette was a range of black to white
-Can use pairs, your ocs or another person's OC (please ask for their permission first and tell me who's oc it is)
-Please Sign or watermark your piece
-Backgrounds are not required
-Try to inform me on what it is, like if its an animal or person so forth
-You do not have to dedicate it too me
-Keep it clean (as in Pg-13)
-Have fun!

**I'll be very lenient with shades and highlights because I know you have to go darker and lighter then your base colors. You dont have to shade or highlight if you dont want too

3 months!! Like I always do, cuz I understand you all are busy with school, work, or you dont feel like doing it.
Anyone is welcome to join~!

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