Adventure Selfie??

What time is it?! ADVENTURE TIME!!!!! It's me agian, and im back with another challenge! This months challenge is none other than Adventure time!
This time, I want you to draw yourself in the style of Adventure Time! you could be doing anything. You could be slaying monsters or hanging with your favorite character etc. Just draw yourself in the style of Adventure Time and have an action involved. Your outfit could be anything, whether you are a prince or princess, a fairy or a vampire, or even another human that met Finn just have fun with it!

1.) The character can be an Oc or yourself, just state it.
2.) Any action is acceptable provided it abides by TheO's rules.
3.) Include a unique quip from the show.
For instance:
"Lump off", "mathmatical", "Slamacow" etc.

1st: A sub, gift and medal.
2nd: A gift and an inspirational quote from the series.
3rd: A gift

Good Luck and have fun as always. And if i get more than 10 entries.....all participants get a subscription, regardless if you place or not!

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Adventure Time
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