The Bone Snatcher DMC ~ Holiday Challenge

Alright So I've Seen These Challenge Things Around For Quite Sometime Now And I Figured I'd Give It A Shot. So To Start It Off I Thought, Why Not A Devil May Cry Challenge We Haven't Seen Many DMC Things In A While.

Now I Know That It's Still Two Months Away But I Wanted To See What You Could All Come Up With In Terms Of What You Could Picture The DMC Guys, Or Gals, Doing On Halloween. The Rules Are Simple:

~ Draw Your Favorite DMC Guy( s )/Gal( s ) Or Both Doing What You Could Picture Them Doing On Halloween

~ The Pictures Can Be Done In Whatever Style You Like (( EG. Chibi, Realism ECT... ))

~ The Pictures Do Not Have To Be Coloured Though It Is Recommended *Big Hypocrite*. The More It Stands Out The Better :3

~ You May Submit Multiple Entries Up To A Total Of Three Per Contestant

~ Have Fun, Don't Stress Out This Is Just Purely For Your Own Enjoyment ;3

As For The Prizes:

First Place:

Three Flamed Wallpapers, Three Fanarts Of Your Fave Character, Or Three Ecards Of Your Choice

Second Place:

Two Flamed Wallpapers, Two Fanarts Of Your Fave Character, Or Two Ecards Of Your Choice

Third Place:

One Flamed Wallpaper, One Fanart Of You Fave Character, Or One Ecard Of Your Choice

Dependent On How Many People Enter And How Busy I Am It May Take A Little While To Get Your Prize Up But I WILL Get It Done And Have It Up ASAP! Thank You For You Understanding And Co-operation. You Have Two Months. Should You Need More Time PM Me And I'll See About Extending The Deadline

I Hope You All Enjoy This Little Challenge And I Look Forward To Seeing What Your Brilliant Minds Can Come Up With. If You Have Any Questions Feel Free To Ask Me. Just Send A PM, Leave A Comment Or If All Else Fails Send An Email To This Address, [email protected]

Good Luck To All Who Participate!!

P.S. For Fanart Prizes OC's (( Original Characters )) Are Considered If You Want Me To Draw An OC Of Yours Instead Of An Existing Character In A Series Let Me Know :3

~ The Bone Snatcher (( Night Sparda ))

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Trish --- The Lady Pirate ~Quiet Noise
Dante, Nero & their Halloween costumes! ~wuzzle320
Dante's throne ~MrLeitexxx
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