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This is a simple challenge. Since I've been (Finally) compiling the versions of my universal OC 'Rachel', I had the idea to create this challenge.

Draw one of the following Rachel pairings in any style, black and white or colour. (Reference to each 'Rachel': Click Here! )

  • Rachel & Heinrich Lunge from Monster
  • Rae & Dagur The Deranged from Riders/Defenders of Berk
  • Rachel & Dick Dastardly from Wacky Races
  • Rachel & Gru from Despicable Me
  • Rachel & Cacofonix from Asterix
  • Rachel & Mr Bedlam from Get ED
  • Axel & Lord Yuna from Breath of Fire 4
  • Rachel & M. Bison from Street Fighter
  • Rachel & Bryan Fury from Tekken
  • Rachel & Starscream from Transformers
  • Rachel & Sam from Fireman Sam
  • Rachel & Daniel Johnson from Wipeout Fusion
  • Rachel & Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter
  • Rachel & Dr Tenma from Astro Boy
  • Rael & Genie from Aladdin
  • Rachel & Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy 7
  • Rachel & Mordecai from Borderlands
  • Rachel & Star Trek: TNG
  • Rachel & Hal Emmerich from Metal Gear Solid
  • Lady Princesca & Drac from Hotel Transylvania
  • Rachel & Gaston from Meet The Robinsons
  • Rachel & MAKE UP YOUR OWN!

Spoilt for choice, eh?


'The Rachels' Explained

You may have noticed a common trait with a lot of my female OCs. The name Rachel. I figured I'd explain this for you all. Although each Rachel may have a similar description and the same name, they each have their own personality flaw for each fandopm they feature in. The flaws happen to be an exaggeration of one negative trait to give them a dynamic.

Why 'Rachel'?

I'm lazy. It's my first name too and I actually like it. So... Meh.



  • Choose a pairing from the list, Google the male character, then check the Rachel reference link above to find the reference for the correct version of Rachel to go with him (Need more reference? PM me!)
  • Enter as many times as you want so long as each submission is with a different character
  • Colour or black and white, background, no background. Your choice!
  • Keep it to TheO standards.
  • Draw a romantic, or amusing scene. Whichever you think works
  • I will not be judging on drawing skill, just by your creativity.
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