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Another challenge so soon??? WHAAAAA???? Hello again, i am doing another challenge! But first, a wicked thanks to everybody who participated in my last challenge! Every time i saw a new entry, my heart skipped a beat!

Now onto the main event! I want you to do your version of your faviorite god or goddess. Here are the catogories and rules!

Greek Mythology
Roman Mythology
Eygyptian mythology and
Japanese mythology.

These are the myths i know best!


1.)Their name, domain and catogory must be listed. Either in the description or on the picture

2.)please include a short description about them.

3.) You may enter as many times as you like, as long as they are a different god/goddess each time.

4.) As long as they still embody the god/goddess, the fashion is up to you! But that doesn't mean Zeus should be wearing skinny jeans and be riding a skateboard.....oh all right, but only if you can really make it work. Thankyou and enjoy!

Prizes are a medal for 1st place and a subscription and a joke, a gift for 2nd place and a joke and finally a joke for third.

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Hathor ~OoAnBuOo
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