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The challenge is simple: create the most ridiculous, over the top, spotlight stealing mary sue you possibly can. She can be from any fandom you like, or she can be original.

What is a mary sue? Basically, she is a character most often used in fanfiction and sometimes original fiction who is an idealized version of the author. She is loved by all characters, is extraordinarily beautiful, always the one to save the day etc etc.

Mary sues are hated by most and with good reason, but I personally think they can be hilarious. XD


Please write a character profile of your sue, which includes the following:

Name (extra points for gem stones, elements or anything ultra dumb):


Physical appearance (extra points for ridiculous purple prose):

Fandom (If applicable):

History (where they come from/how they grew up. Write any tortured, pain filled pasts here):

Powers or special abilities:


Special markings/weapons/gadgets/trinkets:

Some hints that a character may be a Mary-Sue:
~ Exotic hair/eye color
~ Magic/super powers (Even if it is in a fantasy world, the Mary-Sue may have some extra special, super-uber cool power that's extremely uncommon/rare)
~ Best at whatever she does
~ Unusually tragic past (i.e. Both parents died, whole family died, one parent left, etc. etc.) ~(from GoodReads)

Here are some examples of mary sues:

See the official mary sue litmus test for inspiration!:


First place: A coloured request of your choice

Second place: An inked request of your choice

Third place: A sketch/line art request of your choice

Have fun making sues everybody! I can't wait to see what people come up with. :)

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