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Whether you're a Trekker (a "Star Trek" fan) or an Otaku (an Anime/Manga fan or even both, here's a fun challenge that you may want to give a try. For those who haven't yet seen a "Star Trek" series or film but want to take part in this challenge, try researching "Star Trek" subjects and clothing fashions (for example: military/space agency uniforms) on the internet or give watching "Star Trek" films and/or T.V. episodes a try in part of your preparation as it can help you out. Anyway, here are the required rules below:

1) Choose a character or several characters from only one Anime (Japanese Animation) or Manga (Japanese Comic Book) title.
2) In the fan art illustration you do based on the Anime or Manga of your choice, each featured character is to dress up as a character, a spaceship, a shuttle, or a space station of the "Star Trek" saga.
3) The illustration you do can either be a painting, a drawing on a plain piece of paper, or a simple 3D image. Note that if you're doing a drawing on paper, use pen to outline for the details (both outer and inner) to be clearly seen.
4) Drawing must either be in color or black-and-white.

Optionals: If you want, you can include some sort of a background in your work, like a Sci-Fi convention area for instance. You can even place the characters your work depicts in an exterior/interior "Star Trek" setting (example: the bridge of the U.S.S. Voyager). If you wish to show some sort of violent action (like a lasergun battle), make sure to keep it no higher than a PG-13 rated level.

Only three will win this challenge, so good luck to all of you contestants taking part!

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