Tsutsumi24 YOUR Vision of Doubt and Envy!

Alrighty, Otakus!!!

I recently added art of my FMA OC, Karina. I want to see YOU guys draw her with Envy, and I want to see what YOUR visions would be!

If you need a description of her, check in my portfolio for the drawing of her. She is NOT standing with Envy, but with herself. :3

I look forward to seeing what you all have in store. :D

I plan to look at every drawing, and pick the top three best.

The prizes::

3rd best: A gift will be sent to you. :3

2nd best: A gift will be sent, and I will do a drawing for you.

1st best: A gift will be sent, I will do a drawing of my own for you, and will do a drawing for you of YOUR request to my best ability.

Please don't hesitate, try it! :D

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FMA: Doubt & Vanity ~yummy suika
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