Starscream Those Hated Characters

Everyone has hated characters and a lot of us understand exactly why we hate them. My challenge to you is this...

Draw Your Hated Characters So They Are OK!

Give them a revamp! Give them a better look and write about what it is you hate about them and how they could be improved.

After all... Hated characters need love too! Maybe. B)


  • No screenshots, tracing, or using old work
  • New work only
  • Enter as many times as you like
  • Keep to TheO standards
  • Colour, black and white, it's all good
  • Yes you can enter more than once with one character if you create more than 1 redesign
  • The character(s) can be from anime, cartoons, games, movies, tv, ANYTHING
  • Male, female, dog, monster... It really doesn't matter what character you choose
  • You MUST explain why you hate them and what you've done to improve them!

Winners will be chosen for most creative redesign and most creative ideas for improvements, not art skills themselves.

You have one month to have at it, so what are you waiting for? I'm sure it won't be too difficult to think of a hated character or two!


Medals, yo! And I'll be featuring the 3 winners in my world.

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saquya CrossSoldier Kaagemusha
3 entries
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Dora Lost ~GoldNGoddess
Punch Drunk Love ~josephine12cute
Marcy's ex Ash ~KyuubiYuki
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