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✪This wouldn't really need much time to do. I'd like to extend for 3 months since I would like a lot of entries but it wont allow me to change for some reason its sticking with one month ... if no scanner you can always use a digicam to do so for traditional art( i do that too hehe) and will be quicker if digitize... i was inspired by Alphonse13's challenge📩 and would also want to dedicate an art challenge for my sister.. i would also want my sister to be drawn and show it to her.. im pretty sure she'll be very happy. 👸

I would create a poster or tarpaulin with all the compilation of her version even including mine. I'll post it soon as this challenge is over. You can browse through my portfolio there is one art there dedicated to her.

🔨Rules: -Limit one entry per person
-needs to follow theOs rules
-needs to BE YOUR WORK!
-alright if not colored but a plus if it is
¬ with our with out background
¬get creative in dressing her up and adding Props like dolls, ice cream etc

★★★I will have top Three winners:🎉
1st place will have fan art of your OC dedicated to them
2nd place gets chibi Fan art of your OC dedicated to them
3rd gets chibi fan art of fav characters requested
and all participants will get a gift icon 😘

❤Her name is Sienna Rio and she's 7 but will turn 8 by June28 this year.
She likes barbies, disney movies and Dora the explorer. Well i guess as a princess fanatic she likes dresses with colors lavender, pink and baby blue. Eye Color Dark Brown and loves to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. And if you saw Yuzu of Aishiteruze Baby she kinda reminds me of my sister.👑👒👗🍦🍰


Picture samples:

Thanks and more art to come...

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