Sakaira Anti Art Thieving!

So this challenge is finished! It was really hard to decide honestly. I like all of them. Narrowing it down was just as hard as picking an order </3 But good job to everyone and thanks for participating! How I judged will be on my world later if you're interested. Winners, congratz to Zuzu Uchiha, MangaKid, and Jenny Lyn Young! Please pm me of what you'd like for your prize and I shall get it it soon.

No one likes getting their art stolen or see their friends' art stolen. We all know that it doesn't benefit anyone. So here's a challenge to try promoting anti thievery.

The gist: Create any art piece relating to the theme/topic: Stopping Art Thieves.
I rather you not be too cruel to the art thieves, it'll be good for just the thieving to stop.

Things to keep in mind:
1. Follow theotaku rules!
2. Keep things PG13. I have no idea how you can break this but I rather you don't try to show me.
3. There does not need to be color.
4. You may submit up to ..... five pieces.
5. You may use FC (fan characters)/OC (original characters) and/or characters from an existing series so as long as you credit the proper owners.
6. DEFINITELY MUST BE YOUR OWN ART. You may want to watermark, or sign it, to protect your creation. I recommend it, as ugly as a watermark can be it serves its purpose.
7. You don't have to but you can have a description describing what's going on.
8. You have three months, don't sweat. It'll be nice to have periodic submissions to keep the anti thieving theme around.
9. Anyone can participate.
10. Have fun.

Prizes, we can talk it out.
1st: One fully colored drawing of your choice.
2nd: A lineart/pencil drawing of your choice
3rd: A nice little drawing.

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Dark Ora ~Zuzu Uchiha
Sherlock Says No ~MangaKid
antiartposer draft ~Jenny Lyn Young
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