Draw my Little Sister pt.3

❤Alright, So the very first challenge I created on TheOtaku was I asked you to draw my little sister for her birthday, well that was back when she was 7 years old. HERE
❤ then I created a 2nd challenge asking you to draw her again when she was 9. HERE
❤ Well she'll be 11 on the 16th So again I'm asking you to draw her for me. ^^

So that's what I'm asking, draw my little sister Nikki. I was going to do this for her birthday like I did the first time, but I've been busy and kept forgetting to create the challenge so it'll be a little late for her birthday. ^^"

❖ Draw my little Sister
❖ HAS to be of my Little Sister
❖ Must be PG
❖ Can be Chibi
❖ You can draw her in a different outfit then what she's wearing
❖ Does not Have to be colored
❖ Does not Have to have a Background
❖ You have 2 Months

Picture References

Picture 1, Picture 2

*New Pictures*
Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4

★★★Info that might help when drawing her★★★
❖ Her name is Nicole, but we call her Nikki
❖ She has Brown eyes
❖ She's 10, turning 11 on January 16th
❖ She wants to be an Artist
❖ She Loves cats and anything that resembles cats
❖ She's very girly in the way she acts and dresses
❖ Her favorite colors are Pink, Purple and Baby Blue
❖ She loves and collects stuffed animals
❖ Likes fairy tales and cute and happy things
❖ Loves Disney movies (Tangled, Brave, Lion King etc)

☮☮ Like the last two times my little sister will pick the winners.

❖ 1st: 1 Fanart & 1 ecard of your choice.
❖ 2nd: 1 Wallpaper & 1 ecard of your choice.
❖ 3rd: 1 Ecard of your choice.
❖ All Participants will receive a gift and participation medal.

I invited everyone that participated in the last 2 events and a few others I could think of. but just because I invited you does not mean you Have to join. ^^ Thanks everyone!

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