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Hello one and all, ladies and gentlemen and your genderbent selves as well!

Now, as you've probably guessed from the title, this challenge is all about genderbending. Specifically, genderbending yourselves. The premise of this challenge is pretty straightforward: Draw your genderbent self and your normal self meeting each other.

The circumstances of your meeting and both of your subsequent reactions are up to you. However, elaboration is always nice. Include a little description with your drawing. What is your genderbend like? Do you think their personality would be different from yours, or similar?

Rules and Regulations

-Follow theO regulations

-One entry per person

-If you think you can figure romance into the equation, you may. This also includes yaoi and yuri.

-Violence and gore are okay as well, just keep everything within theO regulations.

-Have fun!

Entries will be judged by me and by my friend Kura neko kun. Entries will be judged on creativity and effort, both on the drawing and description.

Prizes for winners will be as follows:

-First place will get two colored drawing requests (one from me, one from Kura neko kun)

-Second place will get one colored drawing request from either me or Kura neko kun, your choice.

-Third place will get one black-and-white drawing request from either me or Kura neko kun, your choice.

And of course, all participants will get a nice shiny medal. You have two months for this challenge, so get ready, get set, and GO!

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