Kailith Mega-Massive Crossover Challenge!

Hey guys! Kailith is here with her first challenge. :3

If you know me, you know I LOVE crossovers - whether it be movies, video games, anime, manga, or multimedia. The concept of mixing worlds and characters to interact with each other is so much fun. It opens up so many possibilities!
Lately, I've been experimenting more with this idea. And in my opinion, our crossover categories are sadly neglected. D:
So I, Kai-chan, hereby challenge you, members of theOtaku.com, to draw me a crossover!

Regardless of the category of this challenge, you can mix any and all genres and media - the wackier the better!
If you really are stuck for ideas, PM me and I'll send you a list of setting prompts to get you started! (Note that it may take me a few days to PM back, but if it's been a week, bug me)

Rules (we gotta have some):
-You can mix several series if you're that dedicated, but you must have at least two to be considered a crossover
-Colour is not required, but will give you bonus points
-Keep it PG-13 y'all!
-No OCs, please :( I know, it's a bummer, but it's much more interesting to mix canon characters, amirite?
-Have fun!

1. First place will win three requests from me! I do art, wallpapers, and ecards.
2. Second wins two requests! (See above)
3. Third wins one request! (You know the drill)
EVERYONE who enters will get a gift, and everyone gets a medal!

You have three months. FLY, MY PRETTIES. *cackles*

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Crossover Anime and Manga
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Surrender Now or Prepare to Fight ~snow fox
No good would come of this . . . ~cougarsama
Bleach&! ~LilGingerSweets
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