Starscream That Crazy Greek Femme

Challenge ho!

Yeah, I figured I'd start with a random, crazy comment. You know... In keeping with Ionia's style.

I'm ill. Don't judge me! RAR!



Draw Ionia as she is, or even humanized, or as an animal, or any damn way you want. Keep her main features intact. Obviously we want to be able to see that it's still her.

I'm curious about how you guys will draw the crazy SOB. :P

About Ionia

She is a female robot who is part of the human protection squad known as Hellas. She has a robot cat companion called Melty who doubles up as a gun, as Ionia is very defenseless without it.

Her main abilities are her water tanks which can hold a large amount of water. She can use her onboard condensers to create clouds, mist, rain and even use her gyros in water to produce whirlpools, waves and adjust currents temporarily.

When she gets nervous, her condensers have a habit of poofing out clouds of mist which causes her much embarrassment.

Personality-wise, she is very friendly, but is also very dense. She is clumsy and awkward, but has a 'heart' of gold.

She enjoys hanging around with humans and loves dancing and singing traditional Greek songs with them.

She can't, however, get angry. This is due to her personality being cut down the middle (So-to-speak) when Aetna was removed from her and placed in her own body. When she SHOULD get angry, her processor fritzes.


  • Keep to site standards
  • Can be coloured or uncoloured
  • Keep true to the original design but have fun mixing it up
  • Remember her personality (IE: Pics of her being OOC will be disqualified.)
  • Enter as many times as you want
  • Can't draw robots? Draw her in another way then!
  • Remember - Ionia is and always will be copyrighted to moi

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