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ok damn it! i am here to create a challenge because i was getting pissed while looking through the others.
alrighty, the challenge is pretty much self explanatory. Draw your FMA oc with your favorite FMA character. here are the rules.

1. Must keep it PG.
2. NO!!!! yaoi or yuri. (or incest ya freaks.)
3. you dont have to draw oc's. (for example royxriza is allowed)
4. medias like photoshop/gimp/etc are allowed. but u must draw it by hand. i'm a huge fma fan so i'll know if u cheat by stealing or copying.
5. must be colored. i dont care if it has a background but you have to color the ppl.
6. submitting an entry with "marie and Edward" scores you extra brownie points.(more then one entry is allowed. marie is my own fma oc btw)

i'm judging originality and quality of the pictures.

1st prize: you're oc will appear in my Fma manga. (idk how yet but they'll be in there some how.) The winner also gets 1 photoshopped drawing from yours truly. (i'll work out the details with the winner)
2nd prize: One Bust photoshopped picture of your oc or favorite fma character
3rd prize: one Bust picture (only outline.)

you have two months. i wish everyone luck!

deadline my be extended TBA

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