iamEssence Monsters!

Yes I know I'm behind on the whole Halloween thing and such. Buut I'm in a monster mood because I've been drawing them out a lot lately for class Sooo live with it.......

Anyway on with the challenge, so I want you to draw some sort of monster. Now this monster can be human, half human, nonhuman and all animal ect. all goes. It can be creepy or be a cute monster or whatever.

Dreaded Rules

  • can be colored, non colored, digital, tradition
  • Must follow TheO's rules
  • Keep clean, Though blood and gore is acceptable because they are monsters
  • Dedication to me is not needed but would be nice so I can keep everything together.
  • Have fun ^^ of course

1 months good for you people? No? To bad. Yes? Good.

One month is mostly because Christmas is soon and don't want monsters around when Christmas is close.

ohh and I guess you're wondering about prizes.

1st: A colored drawing and a gift
2nd: Sketch and gift
3rd: gift

Well I do think that is all. Good luck ^^

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