Creshendeath nightmare or surge

this is my first challenge and by now you are now wondering what the title means right?well in short my OC helix the dnhedgehog click here-->(">) for a visual has three alternate forms which is the basis of the challenge pretty much i give a description of the forms and you draw it to the fullest extent of your imagination as long as you keep to the basic description so pretty much have fun.

rules:1.keep to the basic description.
2.unlimited entries creative
4.(optional)you can put in more than one form in a drawing but please tell me via comment or pm ok.
5.try to keep it pg-13 and stick to theo rules please.
6.colored entries are optional but if you put colored entries use the descriptive parts marked with a "*".
anyways with the rules out of the way the descriptions are as follows.

nightmare helix:same size or a bit taller than regular helix.
*a really dark purple,black colored fur,or really pale red fur.
*red,back,or gray spikes and horns
three horns in each side of his head that look like ram horns.
a few spikes on the side of his head.
*a darker colored shoes(any color as long as it's noticeably darker.
two ether raven or bat wings from his back.
*wing color ether black or gray or purple.

surge helix
*white,sky blue,or deep gray fur.
*yellow or gold horns and spikes.
horns shaped like a bull.
three spikes on the side of his head.
*lighter colored shoes.
wings that are ether a dove or a phoenix
*wing color deep blue or red.

true helix
*any two colors as long as both of them are ether dark and light and yellow.
*any colored horns as long as it meets the criteria as the fur color.
any shaped horns as long as i can tell they are horns.
two spikes on ether side of the head
*spike color opposite of the horn ie.if the horn was a darker color the spike would be a lighter color.
wings a mix of one being form nightmare helix and the other from surge helix.
*shoe color is as long as there two one being a lighter color one being a darker color.
you have three months from now good luck have fun.
prizes are well first place gets 4 gifts and a subscription(if already not subscribed)
second place gets 3 gifts
third place gets 1 gift

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