Zuzu Uchiha (Random Party) Artists Call

OK.... yeah i am leaving theO
But my rival Sosuke Kun wants to make a challenge, though he not a otakuite++

He can't make challenges so he asked me to do it....

Your Challenge...

Draw any of the Characters from our Comic Random Party....

Yes that means you can draw my O.C Zuzu or his O.C Sosuke.....

We need action poses... fighting .... anything really.... just from other artists and well hoping people wouldn't mind drawing Sapphire, Na-na, Ne-ne, and the other characters in our comic.... (if you need to know the characters I got my world to help you out a bit on characters you can even PM sosuke kun if you need any further assist with how they look who is who.... etc. It can be digital or traditional (it doesn't have to be colored but he prefers it colored)

Prizes: well he doing that as well so A gift for everyone who participates and submits a entry.... (yes i shall be sending gifts)
But if i see someone who drew something really epic... I shall do a fan art for em.

I give you 3 months.....He gives you that chance too.... So just help us out with poses and fighting fan art of our O.C's

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Usagi Ketsueki Kaagemusha ryukenden Tamoka Sosuke kun Narie920
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Challenge completed
Sousuke Vs Zuzu (Colored) ~
sosuke! all fired up! ~ryukenden
Zuzu Uchiha x lucario finish ~
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