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Well the title pretty much explains it. This is my first challenge and I dont have much of my own fan art on this website but I always love to see others art especially on this website because everybody here just has so much talent (I'm jealous)!

Anyway the point of this challenge is to be creative and come up with your very own Pokemon. Dream it and create it.

I'm not sure if anyone's ever done this before but when I was a kid this was all I ever drew. Sitting around drawing Pokemon and making up my own was so much fun.

So here's what has to come with your art:
Tell me a bit about your Pokemon like the type, it's personality, maybe some of it's abilities, and of course what its called.
Also this is optional but if you really want to get into it add your Pokemon's stats, weight and height and even a trainer (or yourself) in with it if you like.

Use your imagination and be as creative as possible!

Also I'm honestly not sure how the medals work. I dont know if they're just given out by TheO with my choice of winner so I guess we'll see what happens. Winner will get a request whether it be a drawing, wallpaper, card or iphone wall(probably not that great a prize) and I'll follow you on tumblr if you have one since I know some people do. Anyway hope you have fun and if you have any comments or questions feel free to ask.

One more thing. You dont have to dedicate it to me but if you do want to that'd be cool ^-^ Thanks

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