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Have every been watching/reading/playing an anime/manga/video game and saw really cool object a certain character had which made you think: 'Hey, wouldn't it be awesome if I had that object in real life? With all its bells and whistles to boot!'
Well for this contest I want you to draw you or the oc that represents you with that object. It can be anything that you wish was real like a real working Gundam or DeathNote or Luna pen

Now the rules:

Rule one: Take your time and have fun drawing.

Rule two: You can enter two drawings per person. (Any more then that and I'd explode.)

Rule three (which should have been one, but oh well): Follow the rules of this site.

Rule four: People don't count unless they are either in chibi or chobits like people. (Example: 'I would love my chobit to look like Hiro from Gundam Wing')

Rule Five: Books, movies and video games can be entered too. Also Original stuff as well.

First place winner gets a metal and three Fanart requests
Second place winner gets a metal and two Fanart requests
Third place winners get a metal and one fanart request.

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