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Heyo everyone!~ This is my second challenge, thank you to those who entered my first one ^^.

First of all, a big thank you to both lunastarz and Support KIRA! The idea for this challenge came from artwork that they had submitted. They were really kind to let me use both the idea, and their art as an example :)


You should know you enter this challenge in pairs. So grab a partner before somebody else does! Lol no.

In short:
I want you to make artworks that connect, or in other words, create one picture.

..part 1..part 2 ..

Now, be creative! There are a lot of interesting ways that two artworks can connect. Also, this should be even more interesting since a lot of members don't live close to one another, so they would need to make everything through internet. Though that does not limit you to enter digitally ! You can always scan your work and send it to the other person.
I don't know if it's obvious , but each person must make one part . So you are not allowed to draw one picture, break it into two ,then let the other person color it and submit it as separate !
How will you make it?
That's what I'm looking forward to seeing ^^. Will you find one scan and agree to each draw halves? Or will you let one person draw whatever, and the other than has to think what to draw as the other half? Or..well you get it xD

I don't know will this be understandable, but the artworks don't necessarily need to make one picture , but they must, in some sense of the word , be "connected". So if anyone was to look at the entries, they must be able to immediately tell which ones make pairs.
I don't have an example for this in a form of a picture, but I hope words will do:
One picture shows a guy , sitting in his room, looking through a window and thinking about a girl.
The other drawing shows the same , but a girl thinking about the boy.
If you put the 2 artworks next to each other they wouldn't make one picture, but they are "connected."
Though this same idea could be made in a way in which drawings complete one picture, and in my opinion that is much better, but I'm leaving you a choice.

..Follow TheO's rules.
.. Digital, traditional, color, black and white, no background, background...Everything is allowed.
..Any kind of theme is ok.
..Do not dedicate to me unless there is really no one else. You could agree with your partner will you dedicate it to each other, or to someone else.
..You have to enter in pairs. You are allowed to enter in bigger groups, but that would make everything more complicated.
..Unlimited entries. But preferably not with the same person.
..Link parts in the description.
..Anyone is allowed to enter.
..Be creative. Have fun :)

I'm not sure yet, but it will probably be a fan art from me or something similar, so don't hope too much xD

Other things you should know:
Only one of the parts/one of the people in the pair will be declared a winner , as there are only 3 places.
Though if this challenge turns out to be so unpopular that only 2 or 4 people enter, both parts will be declared winners.

I am not sure how many winners there will be, and I'll decide it after I see the entries.

I invited a lot of people (mostly from the pif list ^^;), but I'm not expecting anyone to enter. It's just a way of letting more people know.

If you don't understand something, leave a comment or send me a PM.
Or if you have any ideas how to improve it, feel free to tell me.

You have 2 months. I hope that is enough ^^.

EDIT: Post about prizes and winners.

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