sesshy172 The Mythical meet The Real

Hey Everybody!!!
This is be my ever challenge, so I really hope this goes well :)

So, for this said challenge, I want to see what you guys can create, taking a real animal and combining it with any mythical creature to create some sort of hybrid.

As and example, take Fenrir- a wolf/dragon
Link Below is a picture of him:

1st: Your hybrid, with anyone of my own, in color
2nd: Your hybrid, with anyone of my own, sketch
3rd: Your hybrid, sketch

Hope this works out well!!! And good luck to you all!

Edit: Sorry forgot to add this lol, but only one entry per person please :)
Also, does not need to be colored, for i know coloring can take away from the original detail, so do what ever coloring scheme your hearts desire :)

Hopefully i have everything now :) If not, just add a comment and i will be sure to get back to you

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Ayrin ~Wannabe Ghost
Drinox ~HametsuKuro
Mythical Meets the Real ~littlepooch
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