MangaKid OCs United!! :D

Kyaaa!! My first challenge!! *so nervous* I'm new to this so I hope I'm doing everything right >u< I hope you guys will be able to enter^^'

What I would like you to draw is your OC(s) with a friend's OC(s)! It could be them just hanging out or just standing together, even cosplaying? Maybe they just met? Get creative and have fun! Gijinkas count as OCs and if you don't have an OC but you want to enter, you can use yourself or your avatar!

Example 1-My work
Example 2-Alphonse 13's work

-Keep it very appropriate and within theO's rules
-No nudity or anything to do with yaoi or yuri or whatever.
-Draw as many OCs as you want! but it has to have at least one friend's OC in the picture!
-Also you can make a party and draw OCs from several friends!
-I don't know if it should be important for you to ask your friend permission to draw their OC or not, cuz I have friends who let me draw their OC all the time without asking. But it would be nice for you dedicate the work to your friend who owns the OC you draw or link an original picture of your friends Oc(s). This is not mandatory though.
-But giving credit is!! Be sure to mention who's OCs are whose!
-Any type of medium allowed! traditional, digital, coloured, not coloured, all counts^^
-Unlimited entries and 1 month to do this! (I hope thats long enough >u<)
sorry for all the rules, just wanted to make things plain!


First place gets coloured fan art by me (with Copics)
Second place gets a lineart by me (with multiliner)
Third place gets a sketch by me (with pencil or pen)
You can request whatever you'd like me to draw, but I have the right to decline and ask for a different request if its not appropriate!
And you guys supposedly get a medal too? I'll just have to figure out how to send that xD
(I'd love to draw my OC with your OC for a prize if you'd like! I feel left out of this challenge xD)

I will be judging fairly on the quality, uniqueness, effort and creativity of your work!

Go any questions? PM me or comment here on this challenge! :D have fun! I hope you guys enter!!

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