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Hello, all! Thanks to all of you who participated in my last (which was my very first) challenge; five entries, compared to some, may not be a whole lot, but to me, it was a fairly decent amount for a first challenge. So again, thanks :D

Now for a new challenge! :D As of late, I finally got around to watching the 2004 movie Phantom of the Opera. Wow… those songs are really good. Or at least, they can get stuck in your head quite easily (particularly because, as my dad pointed out, many of them are the same melodies with different lyrics). For me, the Overture and “Phantom of the Opera” are stuck “inside my mind” (as the song goes).

Anyways, the theme for this challenge is musicals! This challenge is about taking a scene from a musical (it can be your favorite, but it doesn’t have to be) and drawing it, but here’s the catch: it has to be with anime/manga/video game characters playing the roles of the musical’s characters. That’s right! So if you’ve ever watched a musical and thought, “Oh, so-and-so would’ve been perfect for that role,” now’s your chance to stick him/her in it! (And if you haven’t had that moment, well, that’s fine too… it’s not a prerequisite for the challenge or anything)

So, here are the rules:
-Follow the rules of theOtaku (no stealing, etc.)
-Keep it PG-13 or under (but I hope you’ll keep the rating pretty low… blood, so long as it’s not gratuitous, shouldn’t be too much of a problem… nudity, however, would be a problem)
-Old submissions are allowed (if you just so happen to have one floating around that you want to share)
-One song does NOT qualify something as a musical; it must have a couple of songs at least. That said, you can pick Disney, non-Disney, stage, film, just about ANY musical so long as you keep the PG-13 or under rule in mind.
-Characters being drawn in the musicals’ roles must be from anime/manga/video games (sorry, no OCs… but if someone wants to make that challenge, I say go for it)
-No yaoi/yuri, please.
-Multiple entries are allowed, but please choose different scenes/characters/musicals if you do. So, if you draw two scenes from, say, Fiddler on the Roof, the characters you put in the roles must be different. If you decide to draw the same character for two entries, he/she must be in different musicals, etc.
-IMPORTANT: If there's talking/singing in your scene, don't put the words on the image; instead, write them as the first part of your description.
-You don’t have to color your work(s) in, but color would be appreciated.
-Have fun! (Why do I feel like I have to include this rule?? X3)

Now for the prizes:
-First place: A drawing by me of you/your anime alterego and the existing character of your choice in a scene from the Phantom of the Opera (I already have a scene in mind :3)
-Second place: Three gifts
-Third place: Two gifts

I figure that, with exams and whatnot coming up soon, it’d be best to give this challenge three months, just to give everyone plenty of time.

Feel free to ask any questions :3

With all that said, have fun and GOOOOOOO! :D

Stumped? Need musical examples? Here are some musicals you could use:
-Phantom of the Opera (you’ve probably heard enough of this title already XD)
-Fiddler on the Roof
-The Sound of Music
-South Pacific
-The King and I
-The Prince of Egypt (I gotta watch this one again :D)
-The Little Mermaid
-Beauty and the Beast
-Nightmare Before Christmas
-Hello, Dolly!
-My Fair Lady
-The Music Man
-Pete’s Dragon
-Singing in the Rain
-Hans Christian Andersen
-White Christmas

EDIT: Whoops, forgot a rule.

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