Who Loves Fullmetal Alchemist!?

This is my first challenge and its very simple. All you have to do is draw a picture of your favorite scene from the FMA show or the movie. If you have any qustions, just ask me and I will clear things for you.

First place will receive two drawings of their choice and a gift.
Second place will receive one drawing of their choice and a gift.
Thrid place will receive a gift.

I will accept any kind of media for the challenge, besides photoshop, if you use photosop, it will be disqualified. but if you do it in color, you will have a better chance of winning because is harder to do than just plain graphite.

In order for the drawing to not be disqualified, I have to be able to tell what the scene is of. An example of a drawing for this challenge is this picture http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/289404/god_elric_%2528w%257C_background%2529
Or of this drawing http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/290898/dying_ed_elric._%252Asob%252A
You can clearly tell what the scene is by lookin at it, and it can also be from the prolouge thing like this picture http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/283347/ed_%2528revised%2529

It will be judged on neatness and accuracy of the character that you are drawing.

I wish you all GOOD LUCK!!!

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