Immortal Queen Anime Madness

Anime madness, i often wonder what i would look like if i entered the Anime universe. But I'm a terrible drawer, i can barely draw stick men right. *sob*

This is where you lovely people of get to draw me as an anime character, you can draw me whatever way you like, it can even be with your OC, an anime version of yourself, coloured or not. Be creative!

Here are 2 pictures of me [★] and [★]

1st place will get: a colored fan-art, a wallie of that fanart and one request for anything else.

2nd place: a colored fanart and a wallie of that fanart

3rd place: a colored fanart

Prizes are courtesy of Rein Akira, who kindly offered to do the prizes, so be sure to thank her for Assisting me in this challenge! (thank you Aki chan!)

All participants will receive a premium gift for entering!


I wont Accept any yuri/yoi submissions

Be creative

doesn't have to be coloured

Most importantly have fun. If you have any further questions please use the comment box.

You have 2 months with this challenge.

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